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CTD's when fast traveling to Winterhold

ctd winterhold fast travel fasttravel help skyrim sse skyrimspecialedition

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Hi all, 



After my previous topic I decided to start a new game in SSE. All was going well until I began to progress through the main quest to the point where you have to travel to the college of Winterhold. 


Once receiving the quest to find out more about the elder scroll, i have since been unable to fast travel to Winterhold.  I CAN however fast travel to Azura's shrine and walk there no problem. This isn't a major issue but its still pretty annoying.


If anyone can help, it will be much appreciated.  


PC Specs: 


CPU: AMD FX8350 

GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 6GB (not sure about VRAM) (a tool i have seems to think its 30752 MB) 

Ram: 16 GB DDR3 

Memory: 128 GB SSD (where SSE is installed) - has 13.9 GB free

               1TB Hard Drive 


Running SSE version 1.2 


Install path: C:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\SkyrimSpecialEdition  


Using the NMM ver 0.63.3 and LOOT for SSE 


Load order: 






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1. Make sure your Bijin npcs, warmaidens, wives .esps are deactivated in your plugin menu like he instructs I believe (can't recall).

2. You have Climates of Tamriel and ELFX Weathers.esp active. That's a no no. CoT is super picky about weather. Just reinstall your ELFX and don't click weathers this time. Also, I'm not sure whether CoT increases or decreases weather strengths, but if it does, Blowing in the wind might not be compatible either.

3. Your Combat Evolved might be conflicting with your Immersive Sounds - Compendium. Might want to check on that.


4. Program Files is a horrible place to have your games installed. A lot of programs that deal with modding prefer that you don't place your game or the program into that folder. It's a bit late, but perhaps run everything out of it as an administrator. See if that helps.


5. As for your specific problem, I'd guess it's your weather mod conflict, but I couldn't say for sure. It may more specifically be your Blowing in the Wind mod. Just make sure you haven't moved and/or deleted any mods, as Skyrim bakes scripts into your saves and if you move/delete them, it can cause issues when Skyrim goes looking for those scripts.




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Thanks for the suggestions. I tried all of the above but no luck. I'm guessing its some left over scripts from a mod (Or some from sofia that arent able to activate becuase of SKSE not being out yet). Blowing in the wind had no effect on the crash, both active and inactive/uninstalled. 


I guess I will just have to walk there for now. 


Thanks anyways. 


Edit: Must be something to do with a world change in the College of Winterhold/Main quest. Since I can go there freely before this point. 


I have now discovered i can enter buildings once i walk there, but exiting them = CTD. Even COC'ing to a different cell then CTD's the game. 


Weird stuff.

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