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I WILL LOVE U FOREVER! i need help finding a table and script

skyrim creation kit inns carriages bounty script

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hello modding community! you guys rock but i need help and will give you my first born if you do lol!


im trying to alter the price of inns and carriages.. and omg its impossible to find the table which contains this data so i can alter it! do you know where i can find it?




do you know were the script is that clears your bounty off your head after you go to jail? im planing on reusing it if possible but again i cannot find it anywhere. Id like to make a mod that clears the bounty from your head once you escape from jail to make jail breaks more fun and useable. i can try to do a conditional if statement and script it myself but i honestly dont trust myself to do so. SO if someone can help me find the original script or dare i say it give me a script that will do this god id love you



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Well at some point someone posted a nice guide on how to do this ... the probem is the pics are not there anymore. :sad:
Maybe you can figure it out ...
1. Create a new quest an give it the ID qwert_CarriageSystemUpdater, and make sure
 'Start Game Enabled' is checked.  (https://www.dropbox..../car01.PNG?dl=0)
2. Close the window (click on OK) and re-open it again. You will notice that there are now several more tabs.
3. Goto the 'Stages' tab, ricgt-click in the Index-list and choose new. Give the new Stage a number what ever you want
 (I've choosen 0, the default). Now right-click in  'Log Entry' list and choose 'New'  (https://www.dropbox..../car02.png?dl=0)
4. Next step is to 'prepare' the quest's script. In the 'Papyrus Fragment' box type a single ; (semicolon)
5. Close the window and re-open it again.
6. Now we have to add some script properties, so we can deal with our goal.
7. Select the Stage with index 0 (or whatever number you have given). Click on 'Properties' in the 'Papyrus Fragment' box.
8. In the new opened window click 'Add Property'. Now you have to fill in the correct Types and Names.
 for the quest we want to update it should look like   https://www.dropbox..../car03.PNG?dl=0
 for the carraige costs we want to alter it should look like https://www.dropbox..../car04.PNG?dl=0 and   https://www.dropbox..../car05.PNG?dl=0
9. since we used the EditorID's for our properties, they should be auto-filled upon OK. The Properties window should now have  https://www.dropbox..../car06.PNG?dl=0.
10. Close it. Now we have to script a little bit. Add these lines into the 'Papyrus Fragment' box, they should replace the single semicolon
11. DialogueCarriageSystem.UpdateCurrentInstanceGlobal(CarriageCost)DialogueCarriageSystem.UpdateCurrentInstanceGlobal(CarriageCostSmall)Stop()
12 .Save your work.

As for how to set (or remove) a bounty.


player.setcrimegold XXX <faction id>
XXX = Set it high if you want to fight, set it at 0 if you want to be free. 
Faction id's can be found by typing 'help "city name" 4' then using the id number following faction.
Eastmarch (Windhelm) - 000267E3
Falkreath Hold (Falkreath) - 00028170
Haafingar (Solitude) - 00029DB0
Hjaalmarch (Morthal) - 0002816D
The Pale (Dawnstar) - 0002816E
The Reach (Markarth) - 0002816C
The Rift (Riften) - 0002816B
Whiterun Hold (Whiterun) - 000267EA
Winterhold Hold (Winterhold) - 0002816F
A tip on looking for stuff in google ...  enter: Skyrim Papyrus XXX
The greatest resource you have ...
This may not have earned your lover forever but I tried :) 

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thats amazing. but i actually mean how do i set bounty to 0 after getting out of jail.. im asking cuz id like to have a script that runs and does this.... i thought i could use the vanilla script



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well ... let's say it's from Winterhold


player.setcrimegold 0 0002816F  ... console


Winterhold.SetCrimeGold(0)  ... script


If Winterhold is the correct word to use.


As far as vanilla scripts idk ...

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