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Fallout terminal recreation made in C++ for MS-DOS

terminal hacking msdos unified operative system

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I don't know if that's the correct forum for this, but it's the closer one i could find (since there's not fallout general forum).
I was happily playing fallout doing dweller business until i found another terminal and i trough, how much complicated would recreate a Unified Operating System clone for MS-DOS? why not even boot in on a floppy and load it on actual 386 (Probably based on FreeDOS)
Yesterday i started doing this and it already shows random words from a 500 words dictionary with all difficulties
Tab control would allow you to switch from RAM editor (where words are) and right console ">", where first mode you use arrow keys as do as usually do in fallout game, or command mode you could actually write any guesses or probably catch some braces as well.
I'm wondering about including ROBCO Industries, Termlink and other Fallout specific company names or words would be a legal problem, specially since i pretend to upload the whole code to GitHub.

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this is awesome on so many levels,

thanks for sharing!

anything mod related and fallout-y is cool anywhere on Nexus


but this - an actual 'hacking' mini game or to be able to use the computer network in game...

that would be AWESOME!

complete with random crashes, lockups, boot fails,

bad parts (software and hardware repairs) and other hackers etc...

it would be AWESOME!

you've gotta move and defend a portable generator to power the terminal to hack the door to rescue (graverobbers) trapped in a ruin in the glowing sea,

otherwise, the terminal will turn off if it has no power, which'll make you have to start all over again.


you've gotta have power and line of sight to hack a power armor,

if you can hack them, then their power armor will shut down etc...


so long as you remind folks you're not bethesda,

and bethesda does not necessarily condone, endorse or review such content,

no infudgement meant or intended, no gives backsies white rabbits swear on your dead mother's grave...

they encourage mods on a sharealike freeware basis etc.

so, go to town with 'poseidon' or vault-tec, wex-tek, robco, burroughs, chrysilis, etc...

bethesda's pretty awesome with their IP and like that,

and they'd probably like stuff like that on the bethesda.net forums (dare we speak its name?)



this would be a very useful asset to other modders who

would enjoy making this as part of a quest mod or to control things in settlements.


in previous fallout games...

if you could not repair or computer skill,

then traps or alerts were raised.

it was vital to being able to move around the map more stealthily.


being able to 'hack' into various places,

such as a vault door, enclave bunker or institute safe house,

or conversely,

protect my 'red rocket safehouse settlements' from intrusion behind locked terminals floating on an eyebot or something...

that would be fun!


I miss those side-games and the RPG elements in FO4,

and this is a step towards that.



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My DOS days are - thankfully- long over. But I DO remember fiddling with those 614K of memory and then trying to figure out how to get it tomake use of the last few kilos up to 1 megabyte on my - yes- 386-80. (No - I cannot rememeber the details anymore :smile: )

Still - this would fit perfectly into the Fallout world. If it can be done. Kudos for coming up with this idea and trying to make it happen. I - for one- will keep an eye out :thumbsup:

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