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NMM is currently end-of-line, read why and what this means

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2018 Update:
Our new mod manager, Vortex, has been released and is available here: https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/1
We announced in our site news back in October 2016 that we are making big changes to the Nexus Mod Manager. You can read the full news article that explains things in good detail, but the TL;DR is as follows:

  • A history of development for NMM, which explains it's old and based on even older coding
  • We've hired Tannin, the author of Skyrim Mod Organizer
  • We're working on a new mod manager
  • There's no release date for this new version yet
  • The current version(s) of the Nexus Mod Manager are now end-of-line (EOL)

What does "end-of-line" mean?
End-of-line means we will no longer be working on updates or support for the current and older versions of NMM, including legacy. This includes answering support ticket questions and bug reports submitted to our bug reporting system. Essentially, you're now "on your own" when it comes to using, and fixing, issues related to the current version of NMM.
We will, on very rare occasions, release updates to the EOL version of NMM as and when necessary (Skyrim SE support is a good example) until the new version of NMM comes out to replace the EOL version.
This seems a bit rude. Why are you no longer supporting NMM?
We only have a very small staff here at Nexus Mods and we cannot afford to keep supporting the EOL version of the software while working on a completely new piece of software to replace it. Something has to give in that regard. We'd rather focus all our energy on getting a great piece of software out there to replace NMM, than have to continually go back to the EOL version to fix bugs on a piece of software we're actively working on replacing anyway.
A short term pain for a long term gain, if you will.
Where can I go to get support now?
You can still ask for help from fellow NMM users here on our forums. Similarly, NMM is, and always has been, open source software you can patch and edit to your heart's content. You can grab the source code for NMM from our GitHub page.
When is the new NMM going to be released?
There is no set release date. But 2017 is a safe bet.

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