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Skyrim Bug Writeup

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The purpose of this topic is simply to report my findings. As I have been poking around the source, I have been making contributions to various TES wikis. I like to cite my sources, and since I do my own research, I figure I need to do at least a small write-up to back up some claims. This topic, therefore, is educational only. Any discussion is welcome, but there's no point or argument being made - just findings being reported.

Shrine of Talos
The Shrine of Talos displays its effect as reducing shouts by 0%. The DESC entry refers to a string that uses the token phrase "<mag>%". This is short for magnitude percent. Checking the EFIT data in the MGEF entry for the shrine's effect shows that the magnitude is 0.2. Therefore, the <mag> is returning a reduction of 0.2%. Skyrim, however, truncates magnitude values, and 0.2% becomes 0%, the value shown to the player.

Morokei Mask
The Morokei dragon priest mask is assigned a generic enchantment for magicka regeneration. In the master file, though, there is an enchantment included that appears to be intended specifically for Morokei. It is pictured below:

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Morokei is referred to as "DragonPriestMaskMoonstone" within the master file. This enchantment, then, seems to match, but is not assigned.

Ebony Blade
The Ebony Blade is wielded by players in-game with two-hands, but it is classified as a one-handed sword, as shown below:

Attached File  EbonyBlade1h.png   56.52KB   76 downloads

"WeapTypeSword" is the keyword used for one-handed swords, as opposed to "WeapTypeGreatsword" used for two-handed ones.The only values of the Ebony Blade that point towards two-handedness are an ETYP of "BothHands" which causes it to be wielded in two hands, and a skill value of "07 00 00 00" within the DNAM which makes it raise the two-handed skill when used in combat. Other than that, the BIDS, BAMT, parts of KWDA, INAM, TNAM, NAM9, NAM8, DATA, most of DNAM, and VNAM all seem to reflect the default values for one-handed weapons.

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