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[GUIDE] Replacing vanilla hair with modded hair

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So i've been trying to find a mod that would replace all the vanilla haircuts with better looking ones, but i failed at doing so, so i have figured out a way to do it myself.


Yes, i could make a mod and upload it on nexus, but with this tutorial you can customize it to your will. 

1. Go ingame, write down names of all vanilla haircuts


2. Still ingame, write down names of which modded haircut was to replace the vanilla ones (I used Lings Coiffure NV)


3. Go to GECK, open the fonv main esp and your mods esps


4. Check every texture and mesh file that you want to replace and put it all in a neat table in excel 


5. Extract the bsa of the mod you are using via FOMM, then take meshes and textures to your New Vegas data folder

(Without doing this you wont find .NIF and .DDS files of the modded haircuts in GECK)



6. Go to character -> hair in geck and replace the vanilla textures and meshes with the ones you wrote down in the excel table.


Save as an esp, activate and voila, no more ugly hair in both Mohave and Capitol wasteland (If you use TTW)

Some screens:



For some NPCs the hair can be a bit missplaced, can't find a fix for it as of now.


PS: I hope that it's the right subforum

PS2: Im polish, so grammar can be bad sometimes.

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