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One city , but ameliored

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HI, i would really have liked if they added more option to 1 city players, i usualy dont like having to give orders to dozens of cities, kinda annoy me in mid/lategame.


I tested the OCC mod , but it could be ameliored, this is what i'd like for a game with only one city :


- NO 3 tiles limite to ressources , 5 or 6 would be better

- increase disctrict limit x2  ( i know it would only be like having 2 city, but hey , cant be greeedy ^^ )

- Decrease the time between new tiles

-  more gold ! ( maybe under the form of a buff like " capital city have 50% + gold income " or a tile improvement

- maybe an improvement on tiles to add trade routes ? since we cant rely on hub

-  -50% production time on the oracle , that way it would solve the probleme of not being competitive with the great person points


i think those things would me playing a single city more enjoyable without being abused , it would be like have 4-5 city maybe, and of course as soon as be build another city , we loose all those benefits ^^


Maybe a modder out there will one day realize my wish ^^

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