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[WIPz] Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE64)

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tried playing oldrim with mods couple of days back after hearing SKSE64 is still long way off, stopped playing it today due to poor performance, horrible stutters with enboost and crashes. special edition runs like dream and butter smooth in comparison to oldrim. i just hope SKSE64 will get a release date soon. 




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Personally the only mods I miss are the "Racemenu" character creation mod (so much easier to work with) and "AdditemMenu" (which is useful during mod testing).


I'm sure the lack the racemenu mod is bothering a few other people as well, the standard chargen menu just doesn't have the same flexibility and options.

I miss that, Take Notes!, A matter of Time, and Simply Knock. Of the 4, missing that 'A matter of time' the most. The first three all require changes on the HUD in someway.



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The next best thing to SKSE64 may be coming.
The memory problems that were a big reason for CTDs in Oldrim may finally be addressed, by Microsoft no less.  Specifically, the 4 GB VRAM cap.  As one poster on Reddit put it:
That is incredible thank you for sharing! Finally we can play oldrim modded without crashing all the time.

For me, this would be the biggest Skyrim modding news of 2017 if this happens.
No more missing Windows 7 for its ENB memory usage. No more bugging the SKSE64 team for something they don't owe me in the first place. This...this would almost literally solve everything for me.
Oldrim in 2017 - with no regrets.



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I disagree about Oldrim being obsolete Zeridian.

I am playing Oldrim now and have had zero issues, stable 254 mods game, NO CTD's, installed textures in the base Skyrim/data folder and Mod Organizer loads more quickly as a result. I do think it is obviously a matter of opinion on that but honestly the game can be played with or without SKSE64. I am simply happy they are working on it.




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Lets pray to the SKSE gods, maybe something will happen :)

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Due to the recent increase in what is quite frankly irrational and hostile behaviour from certain users on this subject (posts now hidden) - this topic has been closed.


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