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Site feedback, suggestions / ideas for new content block id tags and categories. Also, tips for modders.

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Over time this website has helped me to learn about games, mods, and what goes into them. Once I got the hang of modding, signing onto my computer and playing games became magnitudes more exciting than it already was and this website really helps streamline that process.

But as we know, making mods, testing mods, browsing for the right mods to use, reading about the details of these mods and installing them correctly, can all be daunting at first and once you get the hang of it all it's still time-consuming.


I want to leave some site feedback and tips for mod authors and people looking to install mods...




- The content id tag block system


- I think new categories should be added to save everybody time and also to make information sharing a more streamlined and effective process.


Some category / content id tag ideas could be...

  • Duplicate - A mod recently created which does the same exact thing as other known stable mods and lacks a comprehensive description. It is not explained regarding how it is different or why we should install this newer duplicate. If anything, you already have the mod which this duplicates. This is more so to help newer users/modders in search of mods.
  • Remover - A mod like this will not actually add anything. It will only remove things from the game.



Publish mods when the exact same mods are already on the nexus. 

  • Before publishing a mod, see if said mod already exists. Your newer mod should generally be different in some way. Tell us what makes your mod different.
  • If you're expanding on a previous mod (which may be no longer supported) and enhance it or update it in some way, let people know this in the description. Let people know which mod you got your inspiration from.

Publish misleading / useless / troll / joke mods without checking 'humor / joke / just for fun' tag.


Publish a mod but refuse to give it a comprehensive description, explanation, or demonstration.


Publish a mod that has barely/not been tested because "why not?" (without letting us know that the mod isn't tested or stable)

  • For certain mods, I can understand. It's impossible to test every instance of such large games. But please let us know if it has barely been tested, let us know if you need some help with testing / bug-finding and in what areas. 



Provide Explanation - Explain

  • Provide a comprehensive description.
  • Let us know of glitches and general things to expect.

Provide Demonstration - Demonstrate

  • Not every mod needs pictures / videos, but in general if your mod changes gameplay significantly it may be helpful if pics or vids for demonstration were posted. There is a lot of free and easy to use screen capture and video editing software available.

Explanation & Demonstration to show people what they are installing onto their computers is good practice.


Be sure to provide appropriate manual installation instructions

  • Be sure to indicate whether to use only one or more than one of the downloadable files included, and etc.
  • Also be sure to let us know where these files go if the folder names are not clear.

Name downloadable files appropriately

  • It is preferable to name the downloadable files something remotely similar to the title of your mod so we can easily organize them without having to rename all the mods ourselves. It's not that big of a deal but it will make things quicker and easier.
  • There's really no need to name a downloadable file something like "qwe3123dkfhdkj -- 0101 -- 02" or "main file 01"

Let us know what files are required

  • Remember to list the appropriate required files/mods in the 'Required' tab. If not in the 'Required' tab, make sure the required files are listed in the description.

Remember to check all appropriate file tags for your mod / file regarding what type of mod it is.




Thank you for reading. If I come up with anything else I'll update this post. If anything posted here has already been said (I'm sure some of it has) I'm sorry. I'm just trying to post up feedback, tips, and reminders. 

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