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Skyrim crashes on startup. Honestly don't know what to do...

skyrim d3d9.dll .dll directx enb crash ctd skyrim stopped working

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Sorry for the gloomy title, but man... two days already trying to fix this to no avail. Anyway, the problem is that everytime I run skse_loader.exe, the Skyrim window appears normally but, after some seconds of black screen, I'm greeted by the "Skyrim stopped working" Windows crash message. So, not your common load order or memory CTD. Before that, I played some Special Edition for, what, two days? Then decided to come back to good ol' Oldrim and... crash. Let me tell you what i've been doing:


Just to make sure that it wasn't the load order, I opened up TESVEdit and loaded my entire load order in there. No problems. My SKSE.ini is in order, the memory tweaks are there. I do use ENB, let's remove it and... baam! Skyrim loaded fine. Figured it had something to do with the d3d9.dll after some more testing, which means the problem is DirectX related. Then it started the Google research time.


After reading countless topics here and on Steam Forums, most people that had problems with the d3d9.dll needed to re-run the DirectX wizard included in the Skyrim main folder. Re-runned that, runned the game, still crashing. Then I downloaded the web installer - installed that, still crashing. So I downloaded the end-user runtime, installed it, and the game still crashed. "No problem", I thinked ot myself as I resetted my machine to enter safe mode and install those DirectX files in there. Did that... the game still crashed. Saw somewhere that third-parties softwares that hook DirectX to monitor or overlay may cause conflicts with ENB. So I uninstalled GeForce Experience and disabled the Steam Overlay (don't have any more programs with overlay) and the game still crashed.


And thus, I started WTF-ing. And did some common troubleshooting not DirectX related:


Tried the injector version of ENB: crash. Tweaked ENBLocal (which was running fine before, but who knows...): crash. Re-installed SKSE and plugins: crash. Checked the integrity of archives in Steam (and then cleaned the masters): crash.


Yeah. You get the idea. I started then backtracking and trying to remember the things that I did in the two days I was playing SSE. I remembered I installed my GPU driver, but that was only it. Didn't do anything that could harm my game or anything. Haven't tried to switch back the driver, might do that in a bit...


So, anyway, here's my load-order:


And here's my specs:
I use Mod Organizer as my mod manager. That's why the disabled files in the load order - majority of them are BSAs. Also, because of the bashed patch, some files are merged and thus disabled, If someone asks.
I could play the game without ENB, but most of my textures have parallax, so it's a no-no. Just re-noting that, if I remove the ENB (or only remove the d3d9.dll, which is fundamentally the same as disabling it) the game loads fine. Setting the UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics= to true also loads the game. I'm wondering if this is a problem with my PC to begin with, or if there's something that I overlooked or missed. Any help would be aprecciated.
I really do hope that is something stupid that I overlooked... If someone require information on any log or file, I shall provide it. Thank you for reading.



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Update: backtracking the driver didn't solve the problem. Don't know any more directions... I'm lost :(




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Use ENBoost




To use along with your enb open the ENBlocal.ini and then change UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true to UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=false


Then install http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/50305/? (Instructions on the page)


Then install http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/51038/?


Hope this all helps 



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I have this on occasion. I can usually fix it by running defrag. I use Rotating Quick Save and am constantly saving over the same file which sends pieces all over the place.

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