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S.H.A.Y.D.Y. Project: Slavery!

s.h.a.y.d.y. project raider slaves slavery settlements settlers trade slavers market

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                    S.H.A.Y.D.Y. Project!!!

                                                                            O     O    C    O   O    O

                                         M     R    T    U          U

                                         E      R    I                 R

                                         W     I     O                S

                                         H      B    N                E

                                         A      L     S                L

                                         T      E                       F


Hi and welcome to the S.H.A.Y.D.Y. Project thread about slavery, moneymaking, raiders and just being an a**hole.


This thread will be dedicated to making slavery a thing in Fallout 4.


Base idea: Slavery is pretty awesome, it's free labor! Did you ever raid a settlement and then wondered "What now?". Wonder no more with Slavery ! With Slavery™ you will be able to build an empire off of loyal workers! Simply assign a raider to a Slavery™ station craft special working collars for him to use and let him begin recruitment. After a couple of days he will generate a "worker" Shipment Bill, allowing you to use or sell for good amount of caps!


Other features: Have time, but not the ressources for a Slavery™ station? Fear not, for you too can recruit "workers" while on your travels! Just craft yourself some working collars and go out there champ! Simply reverse pickpocket the collar and point to where your new worker has been recruited! All that with the Miracle of Slavery™



You are welcome to leave a message on this thread if you have ideas, critics or else!

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where can i take a closer look at this mod im doing a build that revolves around establishing an empire similar to ceasars legion but made up of raiders from nukaworld and i want to build a slave market town


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is this a mod you are working on or just an idea? You could also add the collar using intimidation perk?

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