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A dance I'd love to see in game (for Vilja and NPCs)

dance dancing animation dance mod

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I'm aware there are a number of dance mods, including the awesome Holtof55 Dancing in Skyrim mod.  Most of these offer group or individual dance styles based on modern popular Japanese and other Asian music cultures (which is fine, I do not complain).


Now, in Skyrim, Vilja has an awful table dance she likes to try that is, basically, kicking a few pots off the table and knocking drinkers' teeth out, whilst she claps.  There is a "Sensual Dance" alternative I have used that is 100% better.

I believe FNIS Spells can cause NPCs to dance as well.


I enjoy a wide range of music, and one of the music and dance styles lacking in Skyrim comes from Southern Europe, Greece, Balkans, Bulgaria, Macedonia etc.  I particularly like this Bulgarian / Macedonian dance to the folk song "Shto Imala Kismet Stamena", sung by Raina:   https://www.youtube....h?v=J2eKjZvC4zM .  It is a solo version of the popular 'handkerchief spinning' in dances.  


Since it is a solo dance, and hopefully easier to animate, I'd really love to be able to have this for an alternative to Vilja's awful dance (perhaps Emma might like to add it to the mod?).  And also as an FNIS spell for NPCs. 


Here's the rub: I can't mod to save my life. I looked into animation and went kind of hazy after an hour of study.   :geek:   I have never created a mod although I hope to start some time soon.


So I throw down the gauntlet of Draugr Chain Chocolate:  might anyone be interested in creating this dance animation as a Skyrim mod with Vilja in mind, and introducing a Balkan style of dancing into Skyrim? 


If not - oh well, I suppose it was worth asking.


[ BTW - I did ask Holtof55 if he would consider including it in his mod, but he replied he has no plans to do so for now. ]


Thanks for reading my suggestion.  I can see the sky darkening already with thousands of knee-bound arrows....





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I think that most animators creating dance animations are not honest. They say they "made" the animation, but in reality they are just conversion based on mocap data.


The reason I started with FNIS was the fact that animating is EXTREMELY hard. It took hours to make just seconds look good and natural, and mostly it would never look good. I know how hard it was for some animators in Oblivion to make reasonable walk and run animations. And with Skyrim it hasn't become easier.


The "god father" of dance animations, Umpa, freely confesses that he is not an animator, and only makes mocap based animations. I looked into it like 6 or 7 years ago, and infact found the mocap data bases of a couple of colleges or special schools. And I'm sure there will be many more by today. Apparently in Russia there are plenty. 


But to get exatly the dance you want might become pretty hard.



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Thanks Fore, it's good of you to take the time out to comment. I did not understand how tough the task is,  and bringing Mocap into it - hmmm.  I don't know any handy Bulgarian folk dancing girls in the UK! 


OK, I shall not hold any hopes for my mod suggestion. Unless an enthusiastic Russian decides to take it on...


Thank you for the information!  And thank you for FNIS.

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