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Bard Magic (Music Audio + Instrument Animation + Spell Effect)

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I'm requesting a mod (from the almighty powers that be) that essentially looks like playing the lute (or other instruments) in battle with music and different magic effects, such as paralysis to enemies, as well as damage in elemental or otherwise form (like Viscious Mockery in DnD), or even Force Push, and give buffs to you and Friendlies, etc. 

Perhaps different effects could be determined by a certain song for an effect that is played by an already owned instrument, or maybe each instrument has it's own effect, or perhaps each effect could be an individual spell that summons a lute with a playing animation and music and casts the spell effect on the area.

Maybe a simple way of doing this might be to replace the Master level spell animation with a lute playing animation with some music for custom designed spells that fit the Bard play style.

I know there is already a Become a Bard mod, which is wonderful. I'm not sure if it would be better to have this within or outside of that mod, as it probably wouldn't be great to accidentally obliterate everyone in an Inn while trying to earn some cash for a bite to eat.

Would anyone have any ideas on how to go about creating this? Or know of anythnig equivalent that exists already? I'm also playing on Xb1 so it would be great if it were compatible there. I was really hoping to find one like this already in existence, but no luck. Thank you!

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I've been messing around with a mod to do exactly that.  but there are lots of problems with it.  Or someone with better modding skills than I have could probably get around it.     Part of the problem is of course is creating the spells, attaching the music, and finding the right effects to the spell.  Then comes the casting time, in the time it takes you to play a song you could be killed a couple of times,  unless of course you lock down the NPC's as the song is playing but then that ruins immersion.     I have toyed with the idea of using music to cast healing, wards, and illusions but then I would want custom effects and animations for most of it.   Or design combat spells that cast a cloak around the PC that  acts like a ward and a shield to block attacks till the spell ends and casts something like firestorm.    All in all its a great idea, but  I just can't get it to work and if I did it wouldn't look anything like I envision.   

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