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Useful layours for Pure Strategy

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Hoping to add a little more activity to this section. Will add more arrangements as I get around to them. Feel free to add your own. Ideally, the arrangements should be suitable to survive to atleast wave 15. Since these arrangements are for Pure Strategy mode, one should assume a primary focus on tower stats for the character(s) that are placing the towers.

About Pure Strategy... The enemies seen in this mode do not have immunities, but to offset, you cannot attack, heal, or be hurt. This means that builds for this mode are designed primarily to be capable enough to clear waves with little or no attention. This is what makes it ideal for AFK leveling of lower characters, since you can usually max out the DU by wave 5, and occasionally spend a wave or two upgrading with a higher level character, switching to the lower level one between those rounds for easy exp. Waves 10-15 also tend to net you 50-100k+ mana (depending on difficulty) from all the equipment drops, so is a good way to build up your bank. Just don't expect to be doing much else for 2-3 hours since waves can take quite a long time.

In most cases these will also work for Campaign mode, but may require additional adjustment in order to have enough mana for completed setup.

Foundries and Forges:

Alchemical Lab:

Throne Room:

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