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Betray the Dark Brotherhood

dark brotherhood quests quest stormcloak

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Straight to the point, I'd love a mod that would allow me to kill the remnants of the Dark Brotherhood once I killed the Emperor, with an added NPC who gives you the quest, preferrably a neutral NPC, neither Stormcloak or Imperial


Alternatively, having the Penitus Oculatus replaced by stormcloak soldier would one win the civil war for them, would be fantastic aswell, it makes no sense for these remnants of the Empire to reside in a town now under control of a faction that pretty much wants them dead


Ideally, I would love it if, after winning the civil war for the Stormcloaks, and killing astrid, the penitus oculatus HQ would have stormcloak soldiers in it instead, who would give you the mission to wipe out the DB, however, as you do so, you would find with them a clue that sends you to Volunruud and kill Amaund Motierre and rexus (his bodyguard), from there off you would follow the same questline as that of the DB until you kill the emperor.


PS: With the betrayal mod, I'd like to remind you, if you'd make it, to remove some dark brotherhood-based quotes from guards, no more "psst, hail sithis", they would instead speak of the emperor's death, but also thank you for wiping out the dark brotherhood

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