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Hey forum! I have been searching for a while now for a certain kind of mod. I have been making a mod-list  for my next play-through as a duelist/fencer.  I immediately downloaded "Dynamic Things" since it allows you to practice  your weapon skills on training dummies. How ever i soon came to realize this did not quench my thirst for practicing! I wanted to be able to spar/brawl with people, and my companions.

Indulge me if you will:  (A little role-play scenario)
 Imagine You're part of the Companions Guild. Vilkas and you have been tracking a beast a days travel from Whiterun and after a small fest you remind your old friend of the day you came to the companions guild. You remind him how hard he was on you in the combat training. You stand up and draw your sword "Perhaps another round?" You ask, as the old companion smirks, grasp his sword and stands up.

In short. I want to have a brawl/training feature added to my companions. So that while you are traveling. Even if you are not fighting your way through a dungeon of undead, you still can train your skills simply by fighting your companions. 

 The brawl feature is already in the vanilla game, though only with a few NPC's and only for a single fight. But i would like to be able to swing a sword with my companions too. Imagine tossing your companion a wooden sword from the Hearthfire DLC and a hide shield and then just spar for five minutes, actually advancing slowly in your skills but from the safety of your home or camp! 


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