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NVidia and anti-aliasing

nvidia aa settings

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If I was using 1080 resolution(WS) with a GTX 980 ti or better I would try NVidia DSR.


I use a GTX 980 ti to "push" 8.3 million pixels at an average of 56fps with Reshade & zero AA.  At 2.8 million pixels you have some overhead.





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Many thanks Christoph and Ratsel13! I'll check these out!


@Jones177 - I tried DSR and could not get it to work at all. It's a bit late now (July) but if you see this I'd be interested to know how to do it (a dummies guide, preferably!)





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Shimmering, flickering and blurring, complaints many people have across several games. I never noticed until I started modding my night sky, watching the nebulae and stars made it easy to see the glitches.

Even worse flickering and stuff when moving around a bit faster, but I didn't want to overdo it for the video. Turning off TAA and forcing AA Supersampling in control panel.. no more glitches, but a few more jaggies to be seen. (working on that now lol)


When watching the videos, turn on 1080p at 60fps in youtube options and fullscreen ofcourse




Skyrim sky with TAA



Skyrim sky with AAx8 and SSx8 forced in Nvidia Control Panel




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A bit necro, but posting to help anyone who ends up here and gets confused. TL;DR at bottom.


Basically, there are two paths you can take:


1) Use DSR/oversampling or SSAA.


2) Use one or more other types of AA (preferably only one but some kinds can be mixed to decent effect).


If you choose 1, you will get the best quality but lose fps. If you choose 2, you will likely get better performance but a little (or a lot) less quality.


If you use both, you will get a big mess. It might look ok, it might perform tolerably, but it is not optimal, will waste GPU power and in the end not give you as good quality as just using option 1.


Personally I have a 4k (3840x2160) screen, and there is no way I am going to use DSR/oversampling or SSAA, because no single GPU on earth can render Skyrim to 7680x4320 at a decent frame rate and SLI is too expensive at $600+ per GPU card*, so I go with ENB+SMAA and no other kind of AA, as none of them do anything to improve upon it, including TAA.


TL;DR - Go with DSR and no AA, or SMAA and no additional AA. If your screen is larger than 1440p, use SMAA.


*also does not work properly with Skyrim, though this may not apply to SSE.

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