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Dawnguard and Volkihar Items

dawnguard volkihar amulet of bats amulet of the gargoyle amulet of night power bloodstone chalice erudite crossbow blood magic

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I would like a mod that puts the amulets of night power (bats and gargoyle) and the rings of blood magic (erudite and beast) inside the inventory of volkihar residents (vingalmo, feran sandri etc) WHEN YOU JOIN THE DAWNGUARD FACTION. So that when you get the quest to wipe them out, you also get rewarded with those items. Also, make the bloodstone chalice usable once you get the quest to wipe volkihar


Sugestion: Ring of the beast for Orthjolf; Ring of the erudite for Vingalmo; Amulets of bats for Feran Sandri; Amulet of Gargoyle for Harkon.


Now for the other side: Put the rune items (rune shield, rune hammer and rune axe) inside the inventory of dawnguard leaders when you join the volkihar faction.


Sugestion: Rune shield for Gunmar; Rune axe for Sorine; Rune Hammer for Isran 


If it is not asking too much: put a schematic close to gunmar's forge that will enable the player to create all crossbows(normal, enhanced, dwarven) and bolts (steel, dwarven, shock, fire and ice) when read like a spell book.


Thank you for your time.








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    Eat the rich

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Why would you bump an almost 3 year old thread, just to say "please"? If nobody did it then, they're not gonna do it now. 


But there is Dawnguard Epilogue, which allows you to get the opposing faction's exclusive items. Something that a simple google search would have easily shown.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: dawnguard, volkihar, amulet of bats, amulet of the gargoyle, amulet of night power, bloodstone chalice, erudite, crossbow, blood magic

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