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Mod that allows you to wear anything as vanity

armour armor armorsmith extended armorsmith extended terraria visible vanity

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I couldn't describe it very well in the title but basically is there a mod that allows you to wear something for looks and still have your armour on but not visible like in terraria.

I know there is Armorsmith extended but is there 1 that allows you to have vanity and only vanity visible

Thanks :)



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probably not everything you really want , but there is a mod called Concealed Armors

it allows you to make armor pieces invisible , so that you can wear them and get the armor rating , without actually seeing the armor pieces


however , I'm not sure if that's everything you want

what you could do to improve from here  , is use Armorsmith Extended to have ballistic weave on all outfits , and maybe a mod that allows you to use ballistic weave without the Railroad

with that , you will be able to use whatever outfit you want , have it properly armored , and get the benefits of armor without looking at armor pieces


hope this is what you are looking for



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The way I do it is I use Armorsmith Extended's Therm Optics armor (which is an armor that doesn't show on your character, but it increases stats).


And then I just wear my outfit and Tomb Raider Accessories to look normal. I am not a fan of looking bulky, I prefer to look light on my feet. So yeah. Therm Optics + my accessories to make me look light.




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You could use Armorsmith Extended but personally I dislike it since it changes a lot of the base game objects and means having to deal with compatibility patches for the 90% of mods that don't require it.


One option is to just edit one of the items you want to wear to have the overall stats you're looking for. So for instance let's say you wanted to wear a specific under armor. Modify that armor's stats to whatever you want. This requires at least having some familiarity with either FO4Edit or the CK though.


If you aren't familiar with either of those the easiest thing to do would be to just add railroad ballistic weave to whatever under armor/clothing/armor you want to wear. There's a console command to allow you to attach the weave at a workbench without having to deal with the railroad if you want to skip that.


type: "set RailroadClothingArmorModAvailable to 1" without the quotes into the console and you're good to go.

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There's always this mod, it makes all armor in the game invisible though.  But it doesn't have bugs like some of the other invisible armor mods.  http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/5245/?

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