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Reduced Rate of Fire .50 Hunting Rifle Receiver

hunting rifle .50 tweak rate of fire

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If you're like me then you are a bit of a gun enthusiast. You know that a true .50 BMG is a very large and very powerful anti-material cartridge that, literally, tears through and shreds organic material. You would also know that the .308 is much smaller and handier. And yet...when you upgrade the Hunting Rifle to have a .50 Receiver it only gives a marginal increase to damage and actually *increases* rate of fire and reload speed for a cartridge that is over double the size of the standard .308. I'd honestly rather have a much higher damage and lower rate of fire, less than that of the standard Hunting Rifle. There are mods that increase your damage for the .50 Receiver but none that reduce the rate of fire so I'd like to see one that makes single-shot mastery that much more important with the .50 by reducing the rate of fire to, perhaps, 75-85% of the standard hunting rifle and ups the damage. Most mods that increase the damage of the .50 are in the ballpark of 150-180% damage, which I think is appropriate as that moves base .50 damage from around ~110 (I'm guessing here) to ~180.


For me it just seems more logical. For others it may bring them more immersion. I just want to have something closer to the Anti-Material Rifle from New Vegas than the rapid-fire .50 peashooter that is in the game now. If anyone feels up to the task to make this then I thank you. Very much.


Live long and prosper,


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