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Modding Newbie - need help

newbie help

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   I'm not sure if this is the right area or not, so if it isn't, please let me know. I'm a complete newbie to modding, but had an idea, and decided to give it a try. I'm trying add a new playable race to the game (called Half Breed). If you've ever played Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, the objective of my mod is to simulate the laguz as a playable race in Skyrim. My intention was to just make this mod for myself (I'm not confident enough to post my first mod on Nexus for others), however, I've hit a snag that I'm not sure what's going on.

   I was stumbling around a bit, and eventually figured out how magic effects correspond with powers, abilties, etc. I've created a new race for each possible character transformation that I want. (by duplicating an existing race and modifying) I've created an ability for each race, that will be only for that transformation, and then an additional ability that applies to the player character as a whole (which also takes effect when transformed). I chose five different transformations (with only one available at the start). They are Wolf, Bear, Snowy Saber Cat, Frost Troll, and Dragon, with the wolf being the only one available at start. (built into the playable character as a lesser power)


I've run into a snag with the Wolf race. The other races have both their transformation ability, and the player character ability. For some reason, the wolf will not accept any "specials". I've set it up so that as the Half Breed, you use a lesser power, which triggers the transformation. The lesser power calls a Werewolf magic effect, which then targets the wolf race as the assoc item 1. The wolf race is supposed to have the transformation ability and the half breed ability, so that when you transform it already has the abilities. However, when I add the "specials" and click okay, nothing happens. It accepts the menu choice, but doesn't save the specials. The powers and effects haven't been created for the other transformations yet, but they accept their corresponding specials, so that leads me to believe I did something incorrect when setting up the other stuff.


Up to this point, I have not done any scripting. Everything has been done in the Creation Kit. I'm a programmer by trade, but this is stumping me.


As a side question, I'm not sure if I've set up the mod correctly or not. I marked the Half Breed race as playable (because that's race you'd choose in Helgen), but I also marked all the transformations as playable. They're not supposed to be chosen at Helgen, but rather the player is just supposed to be able to move, attack, etc as the transformed race. (the idea behind it is that as the Half Breed, you can't use any weapons or magic in Nord form, but that's the only way you can interact with townspeople, etc. When you want to go into combat, you use the lesser power to transform.)

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