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Natural Camping and Crafting

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Remember back in Fallout New Vegas how we could just roll out our sleeping bags, perhaps make a campfire and have a snack? Well after learning that Kellogg was a previously a member of the NCR it got me to thinking adding these in wouldn't be lore breaking to add if possible. Stores could have shipments of Gecko meat sent to them because in Goodsprings Sunny Smiles did say something to the extent of trade routes and caravans. We could buy gecko meat and hide from the stores perhaps some of the many chems, food and drinks. There's so much from New Vegas that I really wish was ported over but I chose to ask for camping, food, chems, recipes and a sleeping bag. As I walk through the Commonwealth through the shadows of exactly what should be alive I find myself in a portal to the nexus forums asking can we please make this possible? 



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There are multiple mods that handle camping already, take your pick: http://www.nexusmods...=1&page=1&pUp=1


Then there's Wasteland Imports for food, drink and chem stuff: http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/3793/?

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