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Own Your Favourite Quiver

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Hello =]

            I just downloaded keep your favorite quiver

by Carah

      and love the addition to my game, a small amount of realism but every little bit helps to engage my imagination.


Immediately though, I desire more than just every arrow is contained in 'my' quiver.


If anyone wants to help me or give me advice (I haven't done a single thing in the CS except locate a chest one mod created in anvil) or you just want to talk/comment this is what I'm wondering


How would I go about adding an item (quivers)

giving an item (arrows) a dependencie on quivers

overriding the vanilla image being rendered with that of Carah's wonderful works?


And eventually appearing in stores near and far - on every archer - randomly generating all throughout cyrodiil! Quivers!


Equipable - enchantable, im thinkin stuff like sharpening arrowheads as they leave the quiver, arrows return to quiver...a second or two after impact-in case that type of scripting would interrupt/break enchanted and modded arrows, and the like (quite a goal to create a widespread albeit a small change  that is 100% compatible)


ps is it possible to 'collapse' the quiver with the arrows to make only one inventory item (If youve selected a quiver And arrows) then have your empty quiver again when its, you know, empty?

like the canteen connected to a plethora of mesh and texture paths, i guess?


pps and any ideas on the simplest way to empty all?

im thinkin switching arrows is easy.. maybe clicking a loaded quiver once empties it, twice un-equips?


Thank you for reading all of that

    and thank you twice who takes the time

           to share with us your thoughts, theUser


Edit- what do you think of being able to hold 1 or 2 arrows without a quiver as long as your bow is equipped

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