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Best spells and Talents in DA2?

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So I've decided to play Dragon Age 2 for my first time and, now that the bioware forums are gone, detailed information on builds seem to be lost. Available information on the internet is contradictory at best, except for the "2h warrior is imba!" thing everyone agrees on.


So I wanted to ask people here who have been playing the game probably for years, and during the bioware forums age, in which I'm sure information was copious, what the most imba spells and talents in the game are. Which are the builds you roflstomp the game with?


For example, everyone and their moms at the bioware forums knew that Mana Clash was an imba spell in DA:O. People had guides for rushing to get it as soon as possible. Now that the forums are gone, I don't see the damned spell even get a mention anywere, and because of that I don't trust youtube or gamefaqs for guides on these games. A guy on gamefaqs telling me Mana Cleanse was my best weapon against mages in DA:O?!? Pfft! Come on! Nobody mentioning that for the Mass Effect 3 Vanguard Explosive Burst is utterly broken and Fortification plus Biotic Charge can give 90% damage reduction?!?! 


So, I come to you for advice :)


RIP social.bioware, the Library of Alexandria of our time :'(

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