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Mysterious Hjaal Hill Rivulet Location

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So... anyone else find Hjaal Hill Rivulet in their game? I know it sounds silly to ask, but I can't find any information about it anywhere on the 'net. Not in any wikis or anything. For this reason it's a very strange place to me. Even stranger it seems to spawn 4 flawless gems somewhere on the ground every 10 game days or so. I can't tell if the place is vanilla, included in a mod, or anything.


I'd really like to know how to identify it so I can open it in the CK and do a little modding to turn it into a nice campsite.






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I just went to that location and there are no map markers, but there is most definitely a cool campsite location.


It's a vanilla location that I suspect is being marked with a map marker by a map mod you have installed. I use Atlas Map Markers and it does the same thing--marks all sorts of interesting locations with custom markers and names, the names being MADE UP by the mod author...just not this location. Apparently, that addition in your map mod was never documented by the mod author in such a way that Google noticed.


Regardless, it should have shown up when typing in the console...


help Hjall


It should show up as something like...


LCTN: (xxxxxxxx)  'Hjall Hill Rivulet'




KEYM: (xxxxxxxx) 'Hjall Hill Rivulet'


Not sure, But I think you can then do a search for that ID# in TESV Edit to find out what mod added it. But, like I said, it's probably your map mod. So, load that mod up in TESVEdit and look up that location name and you'll see where the coordinates are for it. From there you can find the location in the CK.


Personally, I would just set up a tent or two and other items by using Chesko's Camping mod--FAR more Immersive. The CK isn't very immersive. :smile:





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