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French Maid Outfit SSE conversion? Please?

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Hi modders and forum-mates;

I have encountered numerous obstacles on my "Mod it 'til it Breaks" Skyrim Odyssey.  500 hrs and 180+ mods later, I have gained a novice familiarity with ENB/INI tweaking, TES5Edit cleaning, WryeBash patching, BodySlide conversion to my body type(UNP Body Renewal), LOOT sorting, FNIS managing...  I have yet to get the CK to work or do anything in it.  I keep doing something wrong, God knows what. 

But the one thing that has continued to evade me is finding a sexy French Maids Outfit port to SE or one that works that I can convert to my body type.  I have lots of Lingerie and skimpy armor sets that I'm slowly tweaking down to fit my presets.

I know there's a difficult way (difficult for me, that is).. I can follow a tutorial on porting over Oldrim mods then follow other tutorials about optimizing Nifs and something something textures.. repacking this into that ... or, I can ask.  Please, will ya? Huh?  Pretty Please with Moonsugar on it?


I've got a whole dresser full of Apple Pies and Sweet Rolls... eh? EH?  I'll even throw in a barrel full of Charred Skeever.  Meeko isn't eating it.

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