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Solitude Reborn - Is It Good and Lore-Friendly?

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Hey guys.  So, I found myself becoming curious about the Solitude Reborn mod and it seems like it's a very well-made, expansive mod that brings more life to the beautiful city of Solitude and shows off those Imperial ties it has.  But I have a few questions I thought I'd ask here to any of you who use/used this mod.  Hope you guys can help me out.  *smiles*


So, first off, is there anything in this mod that seems out of place or non lore-friendly?   When it comes to mods, I like to keep things in the lore of the game's universe as much as possible, so I wanted to ask if anything was out of place to any lovers of the lore.


Second, I read a comment about the College of Whispers and Treasury - saying they had far too many valuables and no real security.  Is this true?  If so, how bad is it and are there any fixes for it?


Third question - a big one for me - the College of Whispers.  It's good to see one of the two Imperial magic institutions born from after the Mages Guild dissolved get some love in a mod, especially the College of Whispers (hopefully more mods can get inspired and bring representations in Skyrim of these groups and their views/practices to fruition in time).   But I have to ask, what makes this place special in this mod?  What are the spells sold, do the NPCs have personality to them, is there anything that sets it apart from the College of Winterhold native to Skyrim, etc?   


And finally, the last and most simple question - how is this mod as a whole to you guys?  Do you still use it, fellow Skyrim players?  Would you recommend it?  


Thank you for your time.

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