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Simplest way to get into custom texturing? I have some basic modeling knowledge

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I'm going to complete a PC custom build for Fallout 4/Skyrim SE and I'd really love to create mods to share with the community(mainly on Nexus but some also on consoles). It's been an off-and-on interest as I needed to understand PC hardware in order to be able to plan and budget a custom PC build. In the meantime it's hard to try creating anything as my current PC either doesn't run the games at an acceptable state or at all, which means I can't really get a play-through going or test anything. I don't think it'd be acceptable to try to release anything blind with absolutely zero testing.
But now I will complete the PC in May or June as all that are remaining to be purchased are the GPU, mobo and an SSD.
The big issue for me in terms of skills has been understanding the texturing workflow with new textures. I can do some texturing by combining different images as layers and adjusting the settings but this is still limited in what can be created and it often would mean you can't make the resulting texture blend well into Fallout 4. I'd like to do complex projects like a detailed custom outfit or weapon but I first want to start with something simple to be a 101 project. After that I can move onto harder projects and come back and improve the first one as I learn more. 
The current first project I'm thinking of doing is the ninja headband from Naruto with customizable engravings and color options which can be changed in armor workbench. Some engraving options from both Naruto and Fallout 4/possibly also TES. The cloth material and metal forehead protector would ideally have realistic/semi realistic textures, as opposed to how they look in cell-shaded games like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.
Fallout 4 engravings:

Naruto engravings:

Other potential modification options later on:

Programs I have:
Blender 2.49b(will look into instead installing the more current version when I get new PC set up)

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