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I'M THE BOSS! (Give missions to npcs)

npcs do things for the player give quests assign missions

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"Another settlement has sent word that they need our help, I'll mark it on your ma--"

"You will do no such thing Garvey! I am the bloody General, assign some settlers to deal with it!"

"Ehm, right, you're the General, yes Sir, right away."

"And while you're at it, send some settlers to look for more mini nukes, my supply is running low. Oh, and some concrete too."

"Yes sir, anything else?"

"Yeah, go and finish the Automatron quest-line for me, I've already done it ten times in ten different lives and wish to do it no further."

"Yes sir..."

"Oh, and get me some Nuka-Cola while you're at it."



Are you lazy like me? Is holding "W" getting hard? Have you already played the game countless of times? Want to get to a certain stage quickly? Sick of having to cater to the needs of the many?


It's time long past time that the npcs started working for us! Would it not be grand to have a mod that allowed us to send them on missions and quests? Give them equipment and send them to take care of their own ghoul problem. Time is a valuable commodity, and you should have the power to focus on what missions you think are the most important. Your settlers should be out there looking for or forging ammunition for your next important mission! Let your cronies deal with the small stuff!



Anyone else interested in a mod like this?



Technical Details:



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I do not know scripting, so take the following with a grain of salt.


It may be simpler to apply a mod like what you're suggesting to radiant quests ONLY.  This should shut Preston up for the most part, as you build the Minutemen up and utilize their resources.  You'd probably have to reach a certain point in the Minutemen questline before you'd be allowed to use this function, something like where you take the Castle.  From then on, you can just gear people up and send them on their merry way with X% chance of success per piece of gear they have equipped.  


You could even set up a ranking system for each faction's radiant quests, where the higher that ranking is, the higher the base % chance of success there is for the people you send.  This would reflect the growth of that faction, as well as your progress in the game.  With the Minutemen, for example, you could go from One Star General to Five Star General, where with the Brotherhood you start off as an Initiate and work your way up to Paladin, and so on.  This would also help to keep each faction's radiant missions separate, and could be tracked simply by what main missions you have completed for that faction's storyline.


Throw all of this onto consoles in the respective faction locations (Railroad HQ, Prydwen, Castle or Sanctuary), where you can send/receive missions, track successes/failures, and receive rewards, and you've turned this into a fun mini-game instead of just a pain in the ass.


As for Companions, I think it would be better to simply not send them on these missions at all.  Either that, or limit the option to one companion per mission, and simply give them a higher base % chance for success.  Also, certain companions should be limited to missions for their faction, only (Deacon would only be available for RR quests, X6 for Institute, Danse for Brotherhood, and so on).


I'm not sure anyone is up for making this happen, but this is the approach I would take towards it.



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I like this thought but it is probably a lot more work than it seems like.  Would require good scripting and possibly modifying many quests.



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This seriously would have my VOTE as well.


I get annoyed - I'm the GENERAL, I give the orders ... so why am I being ordered around by Private Garvey?


It would be nice to tell him:



" Listen up soldier! I'm the General, not you.


I give the orders! Not you!!  .....  So here is what I want done.  ....  Assign X team / number and take those Raider Scum Bags and send them to the pit with some Deathclaws, or well .. show them up close what happens to Snowballs in Lava .... as they too, roll down the hill into the Lava Pit.








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My main gripe is really having to redo certain quests when starting a new game. I just want to get access to robot creation to set up my trade routes asap when I start a new character. Or progress to a certain stage from where I can start my RP. Going through the quests and things necessary is getting repetitious after a while.

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