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Why do I need to change my ini files?

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Alright, so...serious question.


I understand that Fallout 4 is not mod-friendly "out the box". Presumably, the folks at Bethesda would rather that everyone use their mod service. So, you have to change the ini files. Without that, it'll just ignore the mods you try to put in locally, right? Except, why do I the end user have to look up a tutorial, manually locate the files, and then manually search for the relevant lines to copy in the changes? The method is the same as when it first came out, right? So why haven't we automated this? Why can't someone just click a button and have the ini patched for them? Yeah, a lot of people have already done it manually by now, but new people and fresh installs are still things that exist. It would be a pretty nice convenience feature to have. So, again, serious question...is there any reason why this step couldn't be/hasn't been automated by now?



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So, again, serious question...is there any reason why this step couldn't be/hasn't been automated by now?



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...Um, because everyone has different hardware, software, monitors and preferences and there's no one-size-fits-all set of .INI tweaks

But since you asked, here. It's like, the second most popular file in the Utilities category.




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I'm still doing this the manual way and I set my plugins file to read only so the game can't screw it up. I decide the load order not this game and not some mod manager that can get things wrong, I am the mod manager for me screw everything else lol. Yeah it sucks to sit there and edit one line at a time but that is not something constantly done just every once in a while.

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