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Ultimate Boss Battle Mod

boss mod battle fight combat final boss hardcore nightmare difficult

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Id like to request the ultimate boss battle mod

Im willing to be a sponsor for this if necesarry


i have a lot of ideas and was thinking about a unique "end-game" boss battle wich should aim to give people a challenge they never had before.


 im not speaking about a "normal NPC wich has ridicoulus high HP and atk" 

im talking about a unique named boss with a somewhat small questline with unique combat mechanics and complete voice over.


the aim is to give even people who use "big" console commands a difficult battle.


i dont know if everything is possible i have in my mind but i try to mention a few things:




- custom voiced named boss with a small questline

- there should be an entrance for endgame (Level-Locked area)

- entering the area a voice will speak "Turn back Human, or you will utherly regrett it" or something like that

- disabling console while in that area

- disable inventory while in that area

- disable start menu while in that area

-Auto saves in that area

- players can teleport back via a teleporter there to turn back if they fail

- quest name something like: Prove you'r might

- Boss has a cool, calm, epic and BOSS-like character (Voice over)





- Boss has very high def/atk/speed/HP stats

- Will talk during combat (example; when player health is below 10% he will say something like "Soon you will meet all the others who were slain by my sword!")

- When Health gets below 60% triggers second phase of the battle in wich he will start using unique powerfull AOE skills or spells.

- When health drops to zero the third phase will be triggered, he will be resummoned as a Huge Demon Like overpowered being

-In third phase most of his atks are slamming and thossing the challenger around.

- "Minion or Underlings" will rush into the battle to help the boss wich are also powerfull when third phase BOss HP is at 50%

- Also in Third Phase when BOSS hp reach below 40% he will cast AOE spells wich prevent the challenger from casting healing spells or consume healing items

- Also the edges of the area will start to "Melt" towards the mittle burning the challenger or the area will start to get flooded by water wich sets a timer in defeating the BOSS for extra pressure.




- positioning and bringing the right gear is crucial

- challenger need to use enviroment efficently to the limit

- understanding and learning the combat behaviour of the enemy is crucial to avoid getting hit, since the boss (should) be randomly dashing toward the challenger or pull him to himself when he is far away or something like that.

- its important to watch every stepo you do while ur in combat, there are traps of some kind.




thoser are just some random ideas i have more of those even for other stuff.

I also can take the voice over part.


i just cant make mods xD


hope this will work out im really looking forward to this a long time :smile:

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I think what you need is dark souls XD

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