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Paint colors and intensity

armor power armor paint color

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Hi All,


I have what I feel is an odd question but because I don't have any knowledge regarding paint and color brightness, I wanted to ask to see if anyone could answer my question.


I was scrolling through the build menu and came across some beautiful new cars and trucks with brilliant shiny new looking paint. The kind of colors that would say "I am the craftsman, I take pride in my work, and all new build jobs would look equally the same".


So, why are the cars and trucks so nice and pretty while all the power armor  paints look faded, dull, and just plain trashy? And almost indistinguishable from unpainted armor.


This is a new paint job for my "Priceless Power Armor". It should be brilliant, bold, and just amazingly new and shiny. A plain John Deere green is better looking even without the clear top coat. But it isn't, it looks horrible. Am I to accept that I can only craft garbage?


Is it impossible to fix this atrocity or is someone able to fix it? It just makes no sense!




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