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Skyrim SE | Trees Cut In Half/Horrible LOD's

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Not too sure why my trees are cut in half Horizontally, Also, While tweaking some mods, I made the trees look horrible... But i really would love some input on this issue.
Not really sure why this is happening, I looked all over the net for a few hours for people with similar problems and i can not for the life of me fix my own, I myself am using Mod Organizer 2, And have tried a few things here and there but to no avail could i fix this issue and it has plagued me for over a half a year and i am sick and tired of it because it really puts me off from wanting to play until i fix this issue, I love having a green Skyrim with no snow or snow covered trees and i'm doing my best to make that type of Skyrim for myself but until this is fixed, i might not be able to do that.
Here is a screenshot of the issue, Marked to show obvious ugliness, And in the distance, Also marked, Cut in half trees.
And here is a copy of my current unaltered mod list.

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First, have you optimized your load order with LOOT? If no, then you should.


You also should regenerate your Object and Tree LODs with SSELodGen or DyDoLOD. For this to work, you should check, if there are proper billboards for the tree mod(s) you are using.



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If you have two or more mod / texture packs affecting trees and therefore fighting for the same BTT files, this is usually the result. Like you, I use Simply Bigger Trees.


NB if I use Realistic Aspens (texture / mesh pack) I have to make sure SBT over-writes it otherwise I get the ugly vertically chopped trees everywhere. 

I see you use SFO, so I'd also be looking how that interacts with SBT. I used SFO for ages but dropped it for Verdant and the SBT. The two together plus a few Renthal texture packs work well.


Hope that might help!




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I confirmed the problem with a low resolution texture mod. Ugly striking half low resolution trees.

I use Mod organizer too. No matter what other mods caused the problem, the situation is,

When Skyrim read game resources, "files" are the highest priority.

If there is a file called "reachtree02.nif" and there is a bsa called "somemod_texture.bsa", inside the bsa it also contains "reachtree02.nif"

In this situation, Skyrim always use the file and not the bsa.

Even if you set higher load priority in your mod manager use "loot" or something.


So if you got a general texture pack, some files must be conflict with simply bigger trees.

Your texture mod must be have not packing their files as bsa, they list the file to disk directly.


By default simply bigger trees use bsa so it can't get higher load priority in any event.

Temporary solution is use bsa explorer extract the "SimplyBiggerTreesSE.bsa" and "SimplyBiggerTreesSE - Textures.bsa".

Take the extracted two folder "meshes" and "textures" to the folder that Mod Organizer used to install mods.

let's say, put these two folder with the file "SimplyBiggerTreesSE.esp" together in a same folder where it's installed.


Then, give simply bigger trees SE priority higher than your texture pack, start the game, poof, no ugly cut trees anymore.

But the trees will show as vanilla style instead of your texture pack. Because you're using simply bigger trees style texture for trees,

and it's the same as vanilla.


I'm not a modder so I can't adjust the style, I just accept it. I want bigger trees anyway. Hope it would help.

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