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Request Blacksmith shop mod

blacksmith shop peacefull workers owner income smith crafting arnour weapons

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Hello, this is my first mod suggestion


I would like to suggest a skyrim mod wherein you would come to posses and run a blacksmith shop.


This would preferably happen relatively early in the game, but I don't think it should be free.

The shop I imagine should have minimal living space for you and a crafting area, probably outside the shop, in the fashion of the whiterun blacksmith. The smithing area however should be at the back of the shop itself, as in reality you hide your messy work-space from your customers, but obviously still under a patio-type roof.


The shop itself should attract NPC's from all over skyrim, depending on the shop reputation, which grows and declines according to your smithing quality, time and cost. You need not sleep in the shop but you must be inside the shop during the day to answer customers' requests. Customers should come into the shop itself and wait for about an in-game hour or so fro service (however they should all disappear if you leave the shop itself). If you -unlike a good shop keeper- don't ask them if they are interested in buying something, they will leave.


The average person will ask for a dagger or whatever. Later with growing reputation, shop owners must arrive and put in larger requests, i.e. 10 daggers or whatever. With increasing skill and reputation the shop should draw customers asking for more high end items i.e. dragonbone armor etc., however these should happen much less frequently then lower end items. Any request can be turned down and time for completion should be less of an issue with higher end items [also items like dragonbone armor should not be batch requests].


If you get tired of making simple daggers all day you should be able to either close the shop and also open when you like, for however long you like. Or you need to be able to hire workers. Custom NPC's of your choice, preferably through a ledger with their stats, which is only enabled as soon as the shop has a certain reputation level. The NPC's will automatically speak to customers, maybe with a small animation or something, and then gather letters from the customers. You should always be able to check the worker's inventory for all his letters of request. You should be able to add and take letters of appropriate levels.


The workers themselves, if they cannot fill an order will bring it to you. If you reject it, the order to the customer will also be rejected, since the worker cannot fulfill it. The workers themselves must require pay and preferably be a net loss for you. This is because you are paying to keep the shop reputation at a certain level without crafting low level items all day.


Perhaps you can train the workers at the ledger as well, wherein they would disappear for a few days and come back able to  make better stuff. The thing is though, the workers must never be able to be completely autonomous. So even if they are leveled in blacksmithing to the final level, there must still be certain specific items that only you can forge. When they are high enough level, you could make it that the shop actually DOES make money without you, but it should be minimal.


When closing the shop the workers must just be gone until you open it up again and then you must choose to hire new workers or the old ones from the ledger.


A very interesting idea I had was to add markers for your shop the the items you craft. Not physical markers on the textures but to the name. The shop must have a +- 3 letter abbreviation that you can choose to add to all items you craft. This must then be evident if you find someone selling/using one of your items.


As an addon I would like if NPC's bought items from the shop in real time. What I mean by this is that when a trader's stuff's sell well, as when you bought from him or if his cash gets refreshed, he must come to restock and consequently buy items from the shop. This must be done with the actual gold he possesses. These items should be limited, i.e. one merchant buys 10 daggers and then "sells" (distributes) them to other merchants. So that one merchant only ever has 1 dagger of your kind. The money loss should be spread according to the product spread as well please. It would be nice if the items were not possible to be removed from merchants' inventories by refresh, except if more than one is present in which case all but 1 would be removed with the refresh. A merchant already in possession of an item will not order that item again.

It would be even nicer if citizens bought items if they have large amounts of gold, and then upgrade items and buy new ones as time passes. So that a jarl would get better and better gear each time you meet them with each having a preference to say, bows or leather armor etc.

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