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Assaultron Commando- Mod Concept

mod robot playable assaultron

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This is an advanced version of the standard Assaultron model, made for  assassination, infiltration and squad based tactics, but was never fully manufactured when the bombs fell. However, there are enough prototypes already made for them to venture out into the world and find their targets 
where ever they may be. Targets can be anything they perceive is a threat to America since that was what they were programmed to do; eliminate threats to America with extreme prejudice.

Now that's the lore, but my real reason I want these in my game and in other's games is simply because I love Assaultrons and I want to play as one, while being able to use guns and do everything a human can do but better. Perhaps even wear some clothing and armour for full customisation. 


âHow I imagine this working is if someone took this design I've made and put it on a human or synth skeleton rig and move on to game functionality, then textures, graphics and all that technical stuff I barely understand. But I know it can be done, I've seen it be done. 

Now I can't make this mod by myself; I don't know how. If I could I would have already made it, but I can't.

So I must turn to you guys and girls who have the skill to make this happen, to please take pity on a enthusiastic dreamer, and use your talents to make something amazing.


If this dose happen, I hope it can be made for the Xbox. Sorry PS4 but this might not work for that platform since this might have to use external assets. But who knows, maybe someone with the right know and how can work around it.


Concept art here, it might be a limited reference but it's a start.  


Message me to show your interest or thoughts on the idea, I could use some insight and maybe discuss how this could come about. 








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