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overwatch or fallout rp?

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(Ok damn time to have proper grammar and spelling)


Heyo, I haven't RPed in a while though I really want to go back to it as it was a way to forget reality and it was a lot of fun. Not sure if Overwatch should go here, but eh. That and Fallout (4) are the games that I really sunk into.


Anyway, I have a mutli-fandom character that I use for both games and my own non-fandom related RP's. I hope he's not too overpowered? If anything, he might be too cowardly or rude. I'm fine with doing either fandom, by the way. Just be specific & please don't make your character a literal deity with no flaws.


As far as the setting, you can change it all you want, I actually don't care. But here's what I had in mind, anyway:



The omnics are starting to become more and more powerful. At the same time, the Overwatch agents are trying to train new recruits so they can manage to take down the majority them. With each battle, slowly the casualties are rising. King's Row & Eichenwalde are the main areas overrun by the omnic terrorist group, and through the streets of (any of the map locations) Overwatch picked up a wounded civilian, who actually tried to fight back against the attack. Overwatch recruited them, a bit hesitantly, as they had almost no training whatsoever. Hopefully, the new recruit can prove them wrong and actually give the organization a chance to gain back a good image.



(Either game, I've only played Fallout 4 though I have a basic understanding of Fallout 3 and forward).


uh.. something about trying to end the tyranny of the BoS or caeser's legion? Feel free to change this as I don't really know what to do since I'm fairly new to this series. But for a fact, i hate caeser and BoS. Oh and another idea, maybe two Wastelanders come together to form their own faction or raider gang? God I sound so professional don't I?)


The basics of my character:


Name: Nick Fawkes

Gender: Male

Race: Human, maybe a synth in the Fallout universe

Age: 27

Appearance: About 5'6", so not very tall. He has about the proper body and strength for his job, if not a bit slim. Great vision (pretty much needed for a sniper), though ironically he has terrible balance. Of course, he can hold his breath to get a good shot. Facial hair wise, think Josh Dun. Auburn hair, almost maroon (originally dark brown, he made the mistake of dying it in his "edgy" phase and since was too lazy to change it) & greyish-green eyes. In the fallout universe, often wears a mask to conceal his identity. His fashion sense? Pfftt, whats that? In general, its often torn and consists of dark colours such as black, grey, brown, and olive. Padding on his knees & elbows. As far as Overwatch goes he's more cleaned up and his palette consists of brighter colours, and the overwatch logo on his right shoulder. His hair is brighter as well.

Weapon of Choice: Sniper rifle, usually with poison bullets or other harmful drugs (think the Syringer). Uses a baseball bat if it's close-combat.

Job: Overwatch universe/rp, its determined based on what you choose. But for Fallout, he's a mercenary

Personality: Charismatic & intelligent, and he knows how to put up a fight (mostly) but doesn't bite off more than he can chew. Childish at times when he finds things that make him nostalgic or happy. He takes his job seriously and can be quite threatening if need be. Other than that, when he's not worried about those things, he takes most things lightly & can be annoying. He's a smoker though doesn't like the use of chems, and alcohol is a maybe. He does what he can to get what he wants, and a 60/50 chance of actually succeeding. Coming down to a pretty basic question that actually can determine a lot, he would rather kill/sacrifice someone than kill or mutilate himself.


Feel free to use the same kind of form I did, I'm a bit too lazy to label everything and make it look nice & pretty.


As far as actual RP I can use Discord, Skype, and maybe something else you'd rather talk on. In fact, if some agree to do a multiple-person RP, i'd be fine with that. I'm not good with 1 on 1 anyway.


And lastly, sorry if this is horrible. I'm completely new to RPing on game forums and even when I did use to, it was more light-hearted & with friends.



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hey glad you're here we can always use new people... buuut this is the wrong forum for announcing RPGs. this is where they are played. you're lookin for this one: https://forums.nexus...-announcements/

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