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Commonwealth government mod

government rule democracy kingdom commonwealth fallout 4 mechanic

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Hello, i had idea for this mod for quite a long time but its something way way out of my league, perhaps its un-fesable all together.


The idea is to put in game option for player to form an actual government, like the provisional government they had in the past.


There were similar mods made for other bethesda games, for instance there is this well known mod for skyrim that allows you to become the high king, it even spawned a meme.


The idea would be that after you reach certain threshold, become general of minutemen, have control over majority of the in game settlements and such, you could arrange a government.


While creating government player would have choices as to what kind of government they want to make, depending on some factors, for instance overall happiness in the settlements, living standards, security and such, and maybe quest and faction statuses, player could  choose between more or less anarchistic rule.


The least demanding type of rule they can set up would be something like an alliance of free settlements, and if player have maxed out happiness in all settlements and support of major factions an such they could even create kingdom and crown them self absolute monarch.


In between those there would be other options depending on the support, like elective democracy, council lead association, constitutional monarchy, presidential system and so on.


This could be interesting new mechanic in the game, would be great to be King of the Commonwealth lol, but would probably require a team of modders, talent and lots of programming and time.


I'd love to hear any comments, opinions and ideas so please do comment.




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Maybe in next Fallout, but sounds good. Some economic, local, defense and other policy, when Commonwealth will be reacting on interference (attack of enclave?) or on other side, trade and development, rebuilding etc.

It can be mod for post-story game. Government would be formed on your faction - technocracy of Institute, patriotic government of Minuteman, some liberal stuff of Railway, theocracy of BoS...




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Good luck governing raiders and supermutants LOL

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