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Cannot edit landspace properly?

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For some reason, only certain parts of the world will draw a line where i can no longer edit. causing a CLEAR line between different textures. As you see in the picture it suddenly goes from flowers to a gravel texture. there is no way for me to "paint" over either one. Doesn't matter what texture i choose, the only one that will "paint" over it is the default. Is this permanent? I feel like bethesda defintely wouldn't limit you like that. there's got to be something I'm missing. Right?



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Editing  textures isnt  that  simple...


There  are  limits to  how  many  textures  are  allowed  per  quad   hence  you  have  to  remove  or  replace  one  or  2   if  there  are  6-7  textures  in  that  quad  to  be  allowed  to  use  a  different  texture.

In  some  cases even  if  you  dont  see a  lot  of  textures  in  a  quad  you  still  cant  change  it  because  the  one  you  are  trying  to  use  is  a  similar  type  texture to  an  existing one  hence  that  texture  can  only  be  replaced  and  not  added.



To  see  the  list  in  the  picture  you  go  over  the  cell  you  want  to  edit  and  open  the  terrain  editor  .

then hit  the  " i "  key and  you  should  see a  list  of  the  4  quads  and  the  textures  each  one  contains.

All  ways  try to  be  facing  north  so  you  see  the  quads  as  they  are  in  the  list.


Also  make  sure  to  reload  (F5 )  prior  to  editing  terrain  or  textures  because  if  you  move  across  too  many  cells the  cell  you  are  trying  to  edit  may  not  respond  to  editing  .

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