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Tamriel Equipment Compendium(WIP)

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Hello everyone, i'm nexusguy and for most of the time i'm just playing games or studying, though i always wanted to become a modder, i never knew where or how to start, so this project is going to be my first project and is also going to be a test to see if i have what it takes to be a good modder.So the project is simple, yet difficult, i'm planning to add a LOT of items from various regions of tamriel to complement the gameplay in the most lore friendly way possible. Most of the equipment will be modeled after the ones from ESO, but of course, i will take my freedom to add my special "taste" to them. It's best to say now, i won't be making all the materials variations of the items, you see i always thought that each equipment was unique on it's own way, all the way down to the material they are made off, so thats why i will be making each one of the items crafting process unique.Oh yeah, most of these items will require the player to know their specific styles, enter CRAFTING BOOKS.


Even though i don't like the way ESO handles items, i must say that the Motif system is really good and realistic, because, for example, if you're not a nord how in the hell you can know how to craft nordic armor? You don't and there is no self taught perk that's going to change that, no matter how good of a blacksmith you are, you just can't know how something is made just by looking at it.So yeah the player will have to acquire the crafting guide for each of the respective crafting styles, some will be as easy as buying from a vendor, while other, will require the player to study the nature of the equipment, find notes and break down equipment pieces to finally undestand how to make them.I wanted to make the experience of crafting equipment really special,fun and rewarding, to make the player feel like they have earned their title of Best Blacksmith of Skyrim. 


Now i will talk a little about how this system will affect the game. For starters, the world will feel much more unique and alive, you won't see khajiits wearing nordic steel armor nor orcs wearing nordic hide armor, no, what you will see is that each race has their own special way of crafting, which can, sometimes, be better than others. what i'm talking about is the differences between each style of crafting. For example, orcs would make armors more sturdy and heavy to withstand strong breaking attacks, while altmers would make armor more light and durable, to be able to offer a good protection while not sacrificing mobility. This is something that would make things much better, take for example the dwemers, they are renowned for their legendary skills in blacksmithing, yet there is nothing special about their equipment, their alloy is suposed to be extremelly durable and resilient, as the automatons made hundreds of year ago look as good as new, due to the tonal influence, but even so this "legendary" metal, that is so unique that can't be reproduced, is nothing special, actually steel is just as good.Also special items should feel special, for examples, the daedric armor should be exceedinly powerful, the armor the penitus occulatus wear is not the same leather armor common grunts use, the highest members of the dominion wear better armor than the common soldiers.


So now the technical part, i intend to expand the defense level of the armors to allow better adaptation of the all new styles that will be added as well as to provide for more gameplays possibilities. Also changing some armors from vanilla npc's and i plan to make this mod a framework so other modders can use it as base to add the armors to their mods and equip their npc's accordingly. A plethora of more material types will be added, vanilla materials will be revised to be more realistic and existing styles will be adapted to the new system. One thing i also wanted to do is to add the rarity system, which will dictate the value of the equipment and will also have an affect on the time it takes to learn the style(This idea i took from the spell research mod, a great mod, i recommend it)


So what i need to do, now comes the hard part, just the male and female versions of the armors as well as ground models, it's more than 400 models that i have to do, not to mention that i need to learn how to make high quality models, so it's not going to be easy for me, but i really think this is going to be worth it.


Now this topic is not only for show, i'm here recruiting people that would wish to help me, i need 3d modellers as well as people with experience in rigging and with the CK, if you want to contribute, send me a pm so we can talk.


So thats it, thanks for the attention and if you know someone that might be interested in this project show this topic to them so they can contact me, happy gaming :wink:

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