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Can't pick up notes in quests

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I've had this odd problem lately. You know when witcher senses highlight a note as a clue in a quest, then you go over to it and examine it. First Geralt most likely says something, just like any other clue. Typically after Geralt says something like "Hmm.. Notes.. Wonder whose?", a looting window would open and it would let you pick up the note and then read it, right? Well for me, everything goes as normal but the looting window doesn't open at all. Geralt says the line and the notes simply disappear. I've checked my inventory and reloaded saves multiple times. I even removed the 'All quest objectives on the map' and 'Instant witcher senses' mods just in case they had something to do with it, but it didn't help.


This bug has happened during two quests so far (others I've done haven't had any notes in them): 'An Elusive thief' and 'Wild at heart'. The worst thing is, I can't complete 'An Elusive Thief', because it's necessary to read the note to progress. After examining the note it doesn't let me loot it and the note disappears, so I can't even examine it again. And the quest objective doesn't change either. It's still "Search the house". And going to the place where the quest would continue, the people who I'm to find there are nowhere to be found.


This is really frustrating, if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a picture of my mod list just in case. Script merger is also used.


EDIT: Just went to do the quest where you go down to the mage Aeramas' cheese dungeon. There you get the sword which Geralt names the Emmentaler. However, as you might guess, the same thing happens as with the notes: Geralt says something before he takes it, but the game doesn't let me take it, the sword disappears, quest objective doesn't update. Ugh, really annoying.



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how did u fix it im new i fixed the cheese won by using the console code additem('cheesecutter') but what about the others

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