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Other suggestions about mods

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Hi everyone, im fond of this videogame since many years now, and always have been annoyed of non existing contents which could add more liberties in games.

Sorry for mistakes, im french.

I had like some mods you put online for community if u like the idea, or help me to create them, (coz im a newbie at modding and really dont know how to do).

I put some of them in bulk.


- An icon to remove the specialized quarter (and all buildings in it) next to the name, in city panel).

- More pantheons.

- More wonders.

- Command in menu during game to go into the world editor and go back to the game after modification.

- More ressources (strategics and bonus, but also thoses required to build military units instead just one, there could be two).I think about granite, slate, wood, titanium, zinc, gold, platinium, magnesium, potatoes, chewing gum from Scientific Thomas Adams, algae, Ketchup from John Heinz...

- watchtower, for a permanent revealed defog builded like a tile management by builders or generals

- Other soldiers improvements, was thinking about the ability to choose between two separately upgrades in addition of existing ones.

- I loved put lines in civ 4, why not here? markers are not suficient.

- A way to convert existing soldiers with others, at the cost of an incapacity to move and attack during conversion time.

- In Future Era, builders could sacrify all charges and a huge amount of money, to have a chance to reveal a ressource on an empty tile.

- Agressives barbarians (they could develop their cities with walls, watchtowers, miltary quarter, and their own general).

- Implanting forests, with a long needed time.

- Time run during playlike 1 hour in game for 1 or 2 minutes irl.

- New tiles, bayou, quicksands, mangrove swamp for tropical areas, volcanos (appearing chance on existing mountains who can erupt a line of lava, a contact with water could create a new tile, and affected ones would revert or change their types after a while (hill or flat)), taiga, red rock laterite, savannah...

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