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Two Fallout 4 Problems, Help Appreciated

sky broken bug clouds nac map

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Hey, hope this is the right place to ask, apologies if not, I'd really appreciate any help. Problems are as follows:


. The sky is a mess. By "a mess" I mean it's like a whirlpool at times with the clouds ringed around the horizon only in a circular pattern, There are sort of dark triangles on the horizons at times too. The textures seem to be there, they're just jumbled. I was using Vivid Weathers and then changed to NAC. That was when the problems started with the clouds/sky. I disabled NAC and did everything I could that might've fixed it but now I just have a vanilla version of the same problem. I'm pretty comfortable installing and working with mods but this has me kind of stuck. Any ideas? I don't know where to find the problem here basically, the weather side of Bethesda games isn't something I'm used to fiddling with much. Where is all that stuff handled?


. The other problem is to do with the pip-boy map. The background map and the location icons are vastly out of alignment. DC is in the middle of the river according to markers for example. Again it's another weird alignment problem. I think it happened after the game did something weird to one of my "strings". I was able to use steam's verify cache integrity tool to restore it to its former state but then the map was borked as described. Again, I don't know how to fix it and I can't even find anyone else talking of the same issue : /


I'm normally ok at fixing and tweaking stuff by myself but these two have me stumped now. I'm guessing it's maybe strings and script related but I have no idea about any of that. Help would be greatly appreciated. I could just reinstall everything but I'd rather not for the immensity of that task and also because I'd rather use the problems to learn how to fix new things if possible. Thanks if you read this far either way, take care :smile:

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