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[FO4] A Quest Mod I'd Pay To Have-Healing Far Habor

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-Quick Read-: Quest mod that involves removing all irradiated fog (and possibly the creatures) and heals the island through a retrofitted G.E.C.K or something similar.


This idea for a quest mod for Far Habor has been on my mind since i finished Far Harbor. After leaving Far Harbor I thought maybe there was more I could do for the island. It was a pretty cool place and could have been a lot more. Plus I'm the damn Sole Survivor or whatever. Cant I do more good than finding some species-confused girl and blowing up a location of my choice? I mean, come-on. I do tht s*** in my sleep as the Vault Dweller, the Chosen One, the Lone Wanderer or the Courier. Bottom-line, I want a quest mod that allows me to make Far Harbor into a place of green or expand on that idea, without the lore unfriendliness of a replacer mod to make everything nice and green and removing the fog. Idk, I dont expect much of anything since this is an ambitious mod and modding is starting to die down. Plus Creation Club is coming.


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modding dying down?! who told you that? they need to be slapped upside the head!

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