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Unremovable vertibird minigun bug solution for "Rockets' Red Glare" quest.

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I've stumbled upon this bug just yesterday. There are a bunch of bugs tbh, and all of them are linked to the episode when the Sole Survivor leaves Prydwen with Tom and Deacon. These bugs are as follows, combinated differently each time I load my savegame and try to leave Prydwen:

  • Claymore won't undock from Prydwen at all;
  • Claymore continuously flies by circles above the Airport;
  • the dialogue sequence between Tom and Deacon never start;
  • Prydwen never explode;
  • Claymore flies to the northern edge of the map, slowly falling through ground textures;
  • when (if) Claymore lands, I disembark it, holding it's own minigun with infinite ammo, which I can't drop or remove.

I've googled solution for this bug to find absolutely nothing. There are a lot of posts about it on Steam, Bethesda.net, reddit etc., but there is no working solution. So I've found it by myself and it was quite simple:

  1. Disable Unofficial FO4 Patch if you use it (I still don't know if it's necessary, I've disabled it just for sure)
  2. When you meet Tom and Deacon near Cambridge Police Station, take Deacon with you as a companion, letting your current companion go (if you have any).

That's it. Prydwen is destroyed, Tom lands Claymore at Nordhagen Beach, telling you to get off, you and Deacon jump to the ground and vertibird flies away. Now you can save your game, enable patch, load game and tell Deacon to leave if you want. Bug solved!


P.S. Sorry for my awful english.





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What awful English? I don't know what your first language is, but your English is a lot better than many people who post on forums (although that is (mostly) not the case on here).

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