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Is there an easy way to transfer old mods to my new game?

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I had Fallout 4 installed through a disc, but eventually that copy completely broke. Most actual interesting mods require the latest version of Fallout 4 for scripting, etc, so I haven't been able to try them out. Just about 10 minutes ago, though,  I bought Fallout 4 again, on sale. Can I move my mods over or am I just gonna have to redownload each one?



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I port my Fallout/Skyrim installs a lot. However, you have to be setup for it, as in you know where absolutely everything is.

If you use NMM last time, you could technically move your old config over too, I've done that twice now with no problems.

Basically the short way, copy everything from data folder of old install and DO NOT overwrite new stuff, and then get your load order file from your old User/Appdata/Local/Fallout 4 folder and copy it on your desktop, then copy it in same location of your new install. If this file is already overridden, you'll need to re-sort your LO.

Apart from that you might wanna check into whether any of the mods you had are outdated now and break game.

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