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Institue Robotics Issue

interior institute robotics newbie creation kit hostile synth

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I'm new to the creation kit and I decided to make an interior which included the synth lab from the institute's robotics division, so I loaded the instituterobotics interior cell I copied the entire cell and pasted it into my interior. From my interior I deleted the NPCs that I didn't want in my cell and as well as the navmeshes etc. After doing this and loading into the game, I visited institute robotics (via "coc instituterobotics") to make sure I hadn't caused any errors in this cell.


I had; one synth turns hostile and attacks upon entering and the synth which is produced is strolling about the lab like a scientist: http://imgur.com/XXAYRc7 These are the only problems I noticed except for scientists running, which I assume was from the open combat.


After undo-ing all of my work in the creation kit I returned to the institute and experienced the same problem.


I also created a new game to make sure the synth wasn't hostile to only my character, and the new level 1 character had the same problems.


I tried reverting to an old <mod>.esp file from Fallout4/BackUp and the problems persisted, and uninstalling the .esp changes nothing.


I have a feeling I unknowingly caused a lot of damage to my game files and I don't think I'll be able to fix all of my problems from the creation kit. Would anybody be able to advise me on how I could go about fixing the interior cell to the way it comes in the fallout4.esm file? I'd appreciate any advice at all.


Edit: Hostility was likely caused by teleporting straight into the robotics division instead of instituteconcourse and being let in (I haven't met the institute on yet on this playthrough). Updated this post in case anyone else makes this mistake.

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