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Functioning City of Natick with quests idea

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I saw a meme on a Fallout group about people complaining that FO4 only has one major city, and that got me to thinking...


Natick seems like it could be a non-hostile, but dirty "evil" city, run by the Gunners, or at least Gunners provide the security. Imagine it being an analogue to Paradise Falls or The Pitt(Much smaller scale)


Its kinda isolated and I don't remember anything really going on in that area besides the police station quest, seems like it would be a good place to turn into sometihng else on the map.


If possible, it could have an arena for player on human or creature enemy violence, possibly even betting(I am not sure if FO4 can handle that, since I read that the Combat Zone was supposed to have betting and Bethesda themselves werent able to get it working). Other features could be slaving, by bringing in certain people and generic NPCs in with slave collars, maybe even bringing back the Memsmetron.


Quest lines could be to help forment a slave rebellion which would lead to an epic uprising and invasion by the Minutement to liberate Natick and turn it into YOUR city. Alternatively, help the Gunners and Raiders maintain their evil city


Whats everyone's thoughts? I have no idea if modifying existing places is easy, and if creating such a big thing within the existing FO4 map would be easy.


Hope its a good idea!


Edit: A Family Guy easter egg of the Dandy Boy snack cake factory being there would be fun too :tongue: MIRELURK STEWIE

Edit 2: Other quests could be based around the Gunners and learning about them. Make up some fanfiction backstories for them. Maybe a quest involving Nick too, since that seems like the kinda seedy place he'd have to do business in. So im thinking at least three storylines, but nothing too intense for Nick. Could just be doing some detective quests from his office


Like Freeside in New Vegas, it could have random pathetic raiders attack you on the street(who get killed almost instantly by the Gunners :P) Maybe even implement a no weapons thing except hold out weapons for extra fun. I bet that'd be crazy complex though

I dont know how tough it is to make quests(especially since we'd have voice work!), but making a wall around Natick, adding merchants, guards, and all wouldnt be the hardest mod ever, would it?

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first and foremost, i think that's a great idea!

especially as a New Reno/The Pitt 'den of evil' type of locale hehe.


there's a few ways you could achieve it.



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