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Catergory for searching different guns and weapons + folders for that catergory

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Hey guys, I love using nexus and all and its selection of mods. But when It comes to finding weapon mods, its kind of complicated. here what happening. I try to search for a type of pistol, by typing pistol in the search enigine built in nexus. I dont get any high quality ones or most downloaded ones because most pistol mods are named by their model like m1911, desert eagle, beretta, etc. Same for rifles both assault and semi. AK 47, M16, AUG, whatever. If you are like me, you dont want to find the model name of the gun and you just want the weapon but you can't find it or lazy, this is what needs to happen eventually. Add in a seach option, where you can search under pistols, rifles, semi, automatic, submachine gun, light machine gun and more. It would just make searching for guns much easier. Make a catergory for the pistol, rifle whatever in the 3 fallout games. I just think it would be better to have a category for specific types of guns. And to top it all off. any wacky sort of guns should have a misc catergory. I say kepp the weapons catergoy for now, until the people who manage the site can make catergories for the types of weapons.


What I suggest is to what catergories their should be a ballistic weapons folder and you expand that folder to find semi/auto pistols, semi/auto rfles, heavy weapons (theirs lots so only 1 folder for heavy weapons mods is enough), Light machine guns, misc. Then, a energy/ explosive folder that expands to find heavy weapons (missle launchers, fat man), plasma and laser weapons both pistols and rifles. 

Look, it this seems complicated or impossible or even better if you can reply for an alternative method of  catergorising weapons or other different catergories, Let me know in this forum. 

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