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This is a reminder, do not bump your threads.

Evidence (from past games hosted on this site) has shown that bumping threads usually leads to these threads being IGNORED because they have responses to them, with the assumption being that the person who responded is helping with that request. Furthermore, seasoned members of this site and forum regulars usually look beyond the first few pages for topics that might be of interest to them. The only thing bumping accomplishes is in pushing other threads down (making them think they need to bump too), and annoy those who might have been interested by having to return to threads that have no progress.

If you get no response in your thread, it is usually an indication that:

A). The idea needs more elaboration/examples, or isn't very clear.

B). The idea isn't something which can be done within the game, or requires rare talents in the community.

C). The idea is one which is something that requires more work than anyone who might respond might be willing to offer.

D). The idea is one which nobody is particularly interested in the general idea.

E). The one posting the idea is exceptionally rude, demanding, or just plain thankless toward anyone who might respond.

F). All of the above.

It is important to remember that people who respond to requests are VOLUNTEERS. Meaning that NOBODY IS REQUIRED TO HELP WITH YOUR REQUESTS OR EVEN RESPOND. Requests are done only because someone is both interested, capable, and is willing to spend the time to do them.

If you want to add information to your thread, use the EDIT button and add it to the first post so that everyone can see it. You should not make another post in your thread unless it is in response to someone else, or if it is substantive enough to deserve a new post.

Additionally, if your request gets locked, DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER THREAD for the same request for a period of at least a month. Duplicate threads will simply be deleted, regardless of content. So just don't do it.

For everyone else, if you see a thread where bumping is occurring, please report that thread so that it can be dealt with.


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