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CTD when extiing the college of winterhold

college winterhold ctd skyrim sse

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So i have been playing for about 60 hrs now . Did many quest. I wanted to do the college of winterhold questline now. 

I had no problems untill i had to get to Ancano. Inside he knocked us away and the ArchMage is dead outside . The woman asks me to go outside and chack if the archmage is wounded. The when i go to the door to leave and press on it enter load screein and 1 sec after that CTD.

Im not using many mods most of them are retexture of armors and Noble skyrim  and the popula rnb in nexus the reshade. 

I had Immersive citizens and i taught that maybe the problem be even when i disable it , it still happens, I verify the game on steam and that doesnt help. i disabled Immersive citizens even realistic waters two and that didnt help. Even tried disabling other texture mods but it didnt help. I used loot and  SSEedit. That doesnt help. I tried leaving the college with console commands (coc riverwood or coc winterholdcollegeexterior) and it didnt help. Starting a new game is not an option. I did too much. Pls someone help.

Mods: Noble skyrim, abidiaborn armor and weapons retexture , daedric and ebony weapons retexture, chillrend and ebonyblade retexture, EBN reshade with NAT + Climates of tamriel, Realistic waters two + patch for verdant , Verdant a grass plugin, Realistic lighting overhaul + patches for climates and immersive citizens , Immersive Citizens, Books and potion retextures, No thieves guild quest grind, No force werewolf on companions questline, the blade of azaroth (WoW Illidan egg blades), Rustic clothing retextures, Sarcosant - vampire overhaul, Elemental Staffs retextues, Alternative start, Unofficial patch, Diin a female nord follower, Visual animated enchantments, SMIM, Claralux lanterns, Witcher 3 music replacer, No spinning death animation , realistic ragdoll, Fire/Freeze/electrocuted death animation (if you kill a guy with fire magic he iwll have burn skin), 3x quest reward gold (getting 3x more money from quests) , FPSBoost (makes rain , snow and leafs low res to improve fps), No vampire attacks in towns, Hearthfire supplies (adds into the existing chest materials to build the house), Recover Cities (use gold to repair the cities after the war). Those are my mods + patches where they are needed. HELP !

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